Video loop of opening and closing

blinds, that reveal a cross background

This video  background loop has the appearance of smoldering parchment

Purchase Worship background Smoldering parchment video loop.

Flowing silk video background loop

Background loop of sparkling pool of water

Liquid silk video loop Video loop sparkling pool

Video  timer with 3d clock, rotates to reveal cross, with message.

Video  timer with opening  and closing blinds, revealing a cross background. Part of the  "Don't Hide your Faith" series.

Awesome 3D countdown timer Countdown Timer for Dont Hide your faith

This digital clock countdown

timer comes with two files,

one with a Daylight Savings

time reminder, & one without. Stunning 3D render.

Awesome video timer; blocks on top of a transformer,

with lightning..

Daylight Savings time reminder countdown timer

Part 2 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series. Sparkling waters, separated by heaven.

Part 3 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series. Water moves and sparkles.

Answers in Genesis day 2 Answers in Genesis Day 3

Part 4 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series. Earth spins, and moon  orbits earth in an unbroken loop!

Part 5 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series.  Loop shifts from daylight, to nighttime, sun to stars...

Answers in Genesis Day 4 Answers in Genesis day 5 video loop

Blinds open and close in this visual sermon illustration background, reinforcing to the listener that they need to share their faith..based on Matthew 5:13-16

Dont Hide Your Faith Sermon Illustration Living Water sermon loop

Jesus is the chief cornerstone! Sparkling star background, with beautiful marble cornerstone. Psalm 118:22

Teach your congregation to dig deep into God's Word. Video loop has well on grassy hill with rolling fog.

Chieff Cornerstone Sermon video illustration Diggin Deep sermon video loop

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No signing up, no spam emails, just high quality church media with a minimum of fuss!

Visual media for your church! Use these video sermon illustrations, countdown timers, and worship video background loops in your weekly assembly, to add a little "church flavor". Click on an image to preview the product, and for more information about it. We work on a "pay what you can" system..if you cannot afford anything, feel free to enter "0" in the box!

These videos are all about style! Video loops and stills, with graphics only, for maximum versatility.

Worship Backgrounds

Worship Christ buy worship slide Fishbowl background video loop Deep well video worship background Green Slime video background Jamaican blue background Sparkling Koolaid video loop Lemon turbulence video worship background Blue Block background loop Chief Cornerstone video loop

We call this background animation "Sparkling Koolaid"

Simple concrete cross with flickering border, and searching spotlight

Video loop of beautiful 3D  marble "cornerstone" with sparling night sky backdrop

This video background looks like bubbles in a fishbowl

Stunning Jamaican blue water video background loop

Flowing green slime background loop

Green lemonade turbulence. With and without "Christ" etching

Blue brick background loop

Well sits on grassy hill, while fog shifts around it, in this background video

Spinning red  cylinders skate across the floor in this video background loop

 Blue water video background loop

Purple molecules spin crazily before a plasma-like backdrop

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Worship Backgrounds

Here you will find video loops and stills for your presentation/sermon, as well as inspiring intro videos, to help your congregation get "on topic."

Countdown Timers

Sermon Illustrations

Jesus is gives living water-based on John 4:10, 7:38



Foundations of the faith sermon illustration video loop


Part 1 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series. Earth spins, bathed in light. Also available as a complete package.

Part 6 of our "Finding your Answers in Genesis" series. Animals sleep when sun goes down..

Foundations video loop Answers in Genesis Day 1 Day 6 Answers in Genesis Video loop

Bad Theology hurts people! Based on 2 Timothy 3:16

Christ is the Gospel! Sermon illustration background.

Bad Theology Hurts People Sermon video loop Sermon video loop

We recommend: Kevin DeYoung

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Worship Backgrounds

Let your congregation know how long they have until the service starts, with these unique timers. Timers of all types can be found here, but we specialize in 3D text timers....

Sermon Illustrations

Countdown Timers

Get salty
The Show that Makes Learning a Family Affair Lightning Countdown Timer Simple 3D countdown Timer Worship timer Cross countdown timer Check out digital theology, "The show that makes learning a family affair!" Official site

Simple 3D text timer

Video  timer with simple cross background

Video  timer with 3D spinning ball and crosses.

Video  timer with 3d bouncing ball and lightning.

Snowy Sea timer

Snowy arctic sea video timer; water laps at the snowy


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